Implementation - Staff Experience

With over 4500 staff members on campus and a 40% participation rate in the Fall 2017 Campus Climate Survey for Learning, Living, and Working, the implementaion team on the Merit and Professional & Scientific Staff Experience is uniquely poised to utilize the climate survey data to make change at ISU.


Work timeline


Summer 2018

Meetings to review Fall 2017 campus climate survey; identify additional datasets

July meeting:

Reviewed climate survey data pertaining to the staff experience; discussed additional datasets; identified constituent/focus groups (Faculty and Staff Associations, Human Resources Liaisons, University Wellbeing Alliance, VPDI Council, Professional and Scientific Council, Merit employees). 

Outcomes: Enough data has been collected to inform practice, so when we engage focus groups, it will be to discuss our proposed solutions and receive feedback.  Moving forward, our group will prioritize, identify possible solutions, take preliminary planning steps, and vet those ideas/strategies with consituent groups.

Homework: Identify 3 themes from the data to prioritize; volunteer for facilitation of constituent group meetings, creation of meeting outline, and/or other tasks identified.

Fall 2018

September meeting:

Discussed themes identified individually and possible actionable items connected to them; reviewed draft script and discussion prompts for constituent meetings; assigned tasks for moving forward with constituent groups; were provided a draft implementation plan document for edits (to be used for messaging our plan to the community).

Homework: From themes shared/brainstormed, identify actionable initiatives we could develop; review draft implementation plan document and provide suggestions/edits.

October meeting:

Review of draft implementation plan; recap of datasets and themes.

Outcomes: Our charge will be to address the consistent and repeating themes around the need at all levels of staff employment for university-sponsored:

  • leadership development,
  • professional development, and
  • training/education

November meeting:

Review of possible topics in each of the development/training/education areas; planning for presentations to consituent groups.

Spring 2019

Presentations to consituent groups for feedback on our adopted charge (leadership development, porfessional development, and training/education at all levels of staff employment):

  • Faculty and Staff Associations
  • University Wellbeing Alliance
  • VPDI Council
  • Professional and Scientific Council Professional Development Committee
  • Merit employees
  • Human Resources Liaisons

Further develop the initiative with the continuous feedback of consituent groups.

Identification of position to coordinate the initiative

Development and submission of final report to President Wintersteen and the other Campus Climate Workgroup chairs in March.

Summer 2019

Development of offerings, logistical planning.

Fall 2019-2020Implementation of leadership and professional development workshops and trainings.


Group Members

Reginald Stewart (chair)Division of Diversity and Inclusion
Kristi DarrUniversity Human Resources
Margo ForemanOffice of Equal Opportunity
Tera LawsonProfessional and Scientific employees
Jean McMakenMerit employees
Joshua MitchellOffice of Institutional Research
Andrea LittleUniversity Human Resources
nicci portOffice of Diversity and Inclusion
Deidra SchleicherConsultant
Jacquelyn UlmerDeans/Associate Deans