New Initiatives

  • Creation of the inaugural 2018 Symposium on Building Inclusive Organizations – an ISU, Ames Human Relations Commission, and Ames Chamber of Commerce partnership. The climate survey results underscored the need to work more deliberately with local business stimulate the conversation about serving and supporting diverse consumers and potential workforce members. The  climate survey also indicated that over half (56.5%) of People of Color found the community unwelcoming, so in addition to the symposium, additional efforts led by ISU in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and City Manager’s Office resulted in the creation of the City Manager’s Advisory Board and the Ames Citizen’s Institute  which bring  together a cross-section of Ames residents to explore creating, managing, and optimizing diversity and Inclusion within the City of Ames programs and services. Planning has begun for the 2019 iterations of the three efforts.

  • Creation of the Campus WellBeing Leadership Alliance with: Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities Planning and Management, Live Green!, Student Wellness, and ISU WellBeing to better align priorities, and take action in mobilizing the strategic direction for well-being at Iowa State. The alliance is the supporting body of Goal 4.2 within Iowa State’s Strategic Plan. The focus of Goal 4.2 is “to enhance the safety, health, well-being, and security of faculty, staff, students and visitors.”

  • Creation of Consent is BAE sexual misconduct prevention campaign. At Iowa State Consent must come Before Anything Else or, put differently, Consent is BAE. The climate survey results found that 11% (n = 770) of respondents indicated that they had experienced unwanted sexual contact/conduct while at ISU. In an effort to focus on a student-centered message, the Consent is BAE Campaign is a messaging initiative that explores the complicated concept of consent in a simple, straightforward manner using language and imagery that resonates with younger people. The Consent is BAE Campaign was designed to communicate the elements of consent, and what consent is not, in a manner that was clear and memorable to students. In addition, the campaign was designed to link back to the Sexual Misconduct Involving Students Policy to generate awareness of the policy, and the policy definition of consent.

  • Expansion of the Office of Equal Opportunity from 2.5 professionals to 9 professionals (2015-2019). In order to improve services for faculty, one of the new EO Specialist has been designated to solely investigate complaints that involve faculty as Respondents.

  • “Pizza with the President” is a new effort with a simple name and a big purpose. A lack of a sense of belonging and experiences of feeling excluded were keenly identified in the climate survey. To model a new approach in building community, events held at The Knoll provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to interact and build rapport with senior leaders in a relaxed environment. The initial gatherings have been with ISU community members who participate in student organizations, university committees, and university offices that have equity and inclusion missions.

  • Establishment of a Faculty Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion. The climate survey results challenge us to be creative and collaborative in our approach to addressing findings. A unique partnership between the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Ivy College of Business and the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost allows us to look at diversity, equity and inclusion through a faculty lens. The fellow is a key contributor to the Faculty Experience workgroup.