Project History and Press

Timeline to date

September 2019President Wintersteen outlines next steps | President Wintersteen shares next steps during 2019 State of the University Address 
April 2019Implementation teams submit final reports to President Wintersteen
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019Implementation teams work to develop plans and recommendations for action
May 2018

President Wintersteen sets charge for four implementation teams to translate information from survey results in to practical applications for campus (May 2)

Rankin & Associates executive summary publicly available and preliminary results shared in public forums (May 9)

Rankin & Associates full report publicly available on line and in Parks Library; public forum recordings, presentation slides, and full slide deck publicly available on line (May 10)

November 2017Analysis of survey results - Rankin & Associates
October 2017Survey open to the campus community
February - September 2017Survey development - Rankin & Associates and the ISU Climate Study Work Group (CSWG)
2016ISU pre-planning, RFP development, and selection of Rankin & Associates, Consulting as our campus climate survey partner

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What's next

Each climate survey implementation team will

  • meet during Summer 2018 to discuss strategies and coordinate activities.
  • conduct work during Fall 2018 that may include soliciting input and stakeholder feedback regarding findings.
  • prioritize what findings they will focus on and develop implementation plans.
  • update President Wintersteen and stakeholders with progress toward those priorities.

President Wintersteen will communicate Fall 2018 progress to the campus.