The Campus Climate Survey Data Request form is for information requests regarding results from ISU's Fall 2017 Campus Climate Survey for Learning, Living, & Working (known as the campus climate survey). Before submitting a request, please consider the following:

  1. Consult the full report before requesting data. Your questions may be answered in the report.
  2. Consult the survey instrument to determine what analyses are possible. We can only provide information on these items. If the response rate is lower than 30% for a demographic item (gender, race, etc.,) or a survey item, we might not provide the data.  Requests for student data might not be approved due to low response rates.
  3. To protect confidentiality, you may be asked to submit an IRB form if you wish to conduct your own research.
  4. If your data request is approved, you will be asked to submit your final report to the Office of Institutional Research for archiving and sharing how survey data is used to improve the campus climate.


Data Available for Raw Data Requests (Information on other Iowa State units will be updated as completed. Requests can be submitted for non-college units.)
Area / unitStudentsStaffFaculty 
Iowa State University  ****** 
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences !****** 
College of Business  ** **  
College of Design  ** !!* 
College of Engineering  ***!!* 
College of Human Sciences  ****!**
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  ****** 
College of Veterinary Medicine *!! *!* 

Data is marked as available if the response rate met or exceeded 30% of the population at the time of the survey and there were at least 5 respondents.

Data is marked as tentatively available if the response rate was 20% to 29.9% of the population at the time of the survey and there were at least 5 respondents.


Proceed to data request form (requires ISU netID login)

A sub-committee of the Campus Climate Work Group will review and approve all requests for data. Please be patient as we work to honor requests in a timely and accurate fashion. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda DeGraff.