Possible Scenarios

It is appropriate to report an incident similar to the ones below if it will negatively impact an ISU community member or organization:



  • A Facebook post mentions how all Muslims are probably terrorists
  • A WhatsApp message thread calls women weak, inferior, and repulsive
  • Someone posts a photograph on Instagram comparing a wheelchair user to roadkill
  • A student receives an email calling them a disgusting alien for identifying as Asexual

Direct Threat

  • Someone threatens to rip off a woman’s hijab
  • A sign reads: “Anyone wearing the Star of David will be punished”
  • An individual makes a gun gesture and pulls the imaginary trigger with their hands as you walk by


  • An organization is going to host a party with a racist theme
  • “We need fresh faces around here.”
  • “Atheists are going to hell.”
  • “Dirty Mexicans…”
  • “Lazy Japs…”
  • "N*****s don't belong in agriculture."


  • Bananas are found hanging from nooses around campus
  • “Build the wall” is chanted as a Latinx individual walks by
  • A group of people cat-call a student while surrounding the student physically


  • Flyers around campus are filled with White supremacist rhetoric
  • Sidewalk chalk discusses how members of the LGBTQIA+ community are sick and in need of help
  • Posters in the MU read: “Confused about your gender?  Look down your pants.”
  • Graffiti on a building depicts German individuals as Nazis