Campus Climate Response Team

The Campus Climate Response Team comprises members of the ISU community—faculty and staff—who meet regularly throughout the year to plan and implement strategies for developing and facilitating the implementation of appropriate responses to campus climate incidents--such as bias, harassment, and discrimination--impacting the Iowa State University community.

The team is in constant communication and assembles quickly whenever there is an incident. Along with determining the appropriate outreach and action steps needed to take after an incident occurs on campus, the team also notifies the community when appropriate. Aid to those who have been affected is offered through outreaches conducted by members of the CCRT.

You are welcome to contact members of the team if you feel that you have been the target of a bias incident, harassment, hate crime, or discrimination. Or, if you prefer, incidents can be reported directly via the Incident Reporting Form, under the How To Report A CCRT Incident tab.  Additional resources can be found under CCRT FAQs.

  • Do you know of a student organization hosting a party with a racist theme?
  • Have you seen derogatory graffiti on bathroom walls and buildings regarding sexual orientation or gender identity and expression?
  • Do you have concerns about a campus climate incident, but you are not sure what to do?
  • If so, please contact the Campus Climate Response Team by submitting your concerns using the Campus Climate Incident Online Reporting Form

    If you prefer not to report the incident via the online form, other options are available during regular business hours (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday).

  • Iowa State University students, faculty, staff and campus visitors are encouraged to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 515-294-7612 or to report an incident and/or schedule an appointment with a staff member.
  • Reports will be acknowledged within two business days.

Anyone encountering a situation that requires immediate police assistance, medical or other emergency services should call the Iowa State University Police Department (ISUPD) at 515-294-4428 or 911.


The CCRT includes a core team of members who broadly represent the University and convene ad hoc teams as the situation demands.  A representative from each of the following Departments serves on the CCRT:

  1. The Office of Equal Opportunity
  2. The Office of the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion
  3. The Dean of Students Office
  4. The Iowa State University Police Department
  5. The Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost
  6. The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
  7. The Department of Residence
  8. University Human Resources
  9. University Relations
  10. The Office of University Counsel

Team Members


  • Aaron Delashmutt, Assistant Chief of the Iowa State University Police  (


  • Margo Foreman, Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Equal Opportunity  (






  • Kenyatta Shamburger, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Multicultural Student Affairs  (